jueves, 4 de agosto de 2016

the EGO....the more you Read

The more you read,
the more knowledge you gain.
And who profits by this?
The ego,
every book that you read gives you more intelligence.
Who has intelligence?
The ego,
every time you think you have to meditate,
it is the ego that is meditating.
Does the Self have to meditate?
Does reality have to meditate on reality?
All of the gurus you've seen,
everything that you've done has actually put you back in time,
not forward but back".
* * *
Just think how much knowledge
you've gathered all these years.
Reading so many books.
Meditating for years.
Seeing so many teachers.
Having so many discussions, debates, arguments.
Can't you see now this is what's been holding you back?
This is what has been holding you back.
For you have believed that you're the knower.
For you have to become a knower to become free.
Yet no one has to know
anything for there is absolutely nothing to know.
Why is there nothing to know?
Because there is only omnipresence, infinity,
absolute reality and there is no name for this.
~ Robert Adams

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