miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012


Since  I moved to Mexico I've travelled most of the country by road from Oaxaca to California. 
 I've seen tons of graffiti, murals and  bill-board street art on walls announcing 
 different  shows that had beautiful hand painted  designs,colors  and lettering. Some of these works remind me of that festive -carnavalesque spirit.

acrylic on canvas
46 x 74 cm
U$  1,000

                                                        Leaps and Bounds
                                                           acrylic on canvas
                                                               46 x 74 cm
                                                                   U$ 900

                                                             acrylic on canvas
                                                                 58 x 54 cm
                                                                     U$   700

                                                            Writing on the Wall
                                                              acrylic on canvas
                                                         61 x 77 cm  (each painting) 2
                                                                    U$  1,000  each


I like the Visual  Format of reading from top to bottom like a scroll.
I've repeated both  images as I like to play with multiples.

                                                         Abstract Compositions
                                                               acrylic on canvas
                                                      4 paintings each - 34 x 48 cm
     U$ 600  each


martes, 10 de abril de 2012


As long as I can remember, signs and symbols have always attracted my imagination and curiosity.   My first real encounter  at the age of fifteen with Pre- Columbian Art, Cave Art, Rock Art, and Aborigenal Art, sold me out and ever since I have been fascinated by their sophisticated simplicity, design, color and expresiveness. 

When  was a kid, I first got acquainted with  calligraphy thru  the beautiful neon  signs in  China- town of New York and I inmediately  loved them.  I found these signs  to be very Festive and colorful and had an impact on me visually.

                                     Improvisation in Black,White,Red and Yellow
                                                           Acrilic on 1/8" Masonite
                                                                   70 x 68 cm

                                                        Improvisation in Pink
                                                        acrylic on  1/4" board
                                                                20 x 25 cm
                                                                   U$ 250

                                                              acrylic on board
                                                                  20 x 25 cm
                                                                     U$ 250

                                                            acrylic on board
                                                                 30 x 40 cm
                                                                     U$ 350

                I like the contrast between hard edge and the inserts of abstract -pattern like motifs.
                 In the future I will explore this conbination further with different types of  inserts.                                       

                                            Improvisation-Homage to Mondrian

domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

WORKS SAVED FROM A FIRE because they were not in the Studio... The were at a show in a gallery......

Artist Statement

My multilayered abstract paintings are visual experiments where I combine rich allusions culled from popular culture in film, magazines, music, advertising and consumerism. I am interested in a visual language resulting from  mixing and playing creatively with the different styles of twentieth century art handed down to us for example: cubism, conceptual, abstract expressionism, minimalism and pop art, important movements generating new ideas and concepts in art making.

I work in acrylics over canvas, mdf board or paper. I am drawn to the emotional yet I like a sense of rationality and balance in my work. I am interested in the new and unusual which is why I am drawn to a mixed media technique giving me more choices and freedom in the creative process. I chose fragmented  layered images, as a reflection of  our contemporary style of living.

In 2001 an electric fire caused by a power strip arced while I was  sleeping and  causing a fire on the carpet, it spreading vigurously and rapidly beyond my control
I lost 20 years  of great work plus my own collectionat of at  least 50 excellent pieces.
I was not insured.

 Most of the work on canvas and paper can be sent in a tube,for Safe,Economical and  Easy

 Mixed Media /Acrylic on paper
58 x 98 cm


                                                            Orange and Cinnamon -Honey Moon
                                                                        Acrylic on canvas
                                                                              87 x 120 cm

                                                          Orange and Cinnamon
                                                               Acrylic on paper
                                                                   58 x 98 cm

                                                                     On Target  
                                                               Acrylic on paper 
                                                                   58 x 98 cm 
                                                                    U$  2,700


   Art work is sold unframed and buyer pays for shipping.
 My cell Phone # is  (442) 159-6920   
 Note: (52) is  Mexico's country code when calling internationally.
email  at : gabisen@yahoo.com

Please let me know your needs. I will to do your  painting commission. I  am open to your  ideas  and needs as I work with designers, galleries ,decorators and privately with clients.

Have a wonderful day !

Acrylic on canvas + stretcher
30 x 40 in  ; 76 x 102 cm
U$  3,900


                                                             Circles Triptych
                                                       Acrylic on MDF  board    
                                            70 x 66 cm  each  ;  70 x 198 cm total
                                                                 U$ 3,700

                                             Composition in Black,White and Red
                                                        Acrylic on board
                                                               30 x 40
                                                              U$ 1,000