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Things in Common.........
GABRIEL, Buenos Dias!! Boy oh boy, lady-- that was a thousand years ago at least-- my days in Miami were days of youthful adventure , writing poetry and "auditing" art classes at UM doing a little painting which I framed with boards from my landlord's fence. Massin stirred me up and met some others. Did not know of the Massin- Sequeros connection but I can see it! I wound up in San Miguel and was there for an indefinite -- rather hazy period. Sorry but can't register on Al Vranas, however, Scornavacca's name stirs couple of synapses.

Gabriel, take a look at my website and page on art restoration/conservation and other goodies. Address-- Tell me what you think. I'll do my best to answer answer any ??? you might have and thanx for reviving so many fading memories.


Both Steve and I had the same art teacher and mentor at the University of Miami. I was Eugene Massin's
personal studio assistant and teacher's assitant in some of his classes at the university. I was also a studio assistan for Al Vrana, a sculptor.
Massin came to Mexico in the fifties, he lived in San Miguel de Allende where he met  David A.Siqueiros
and became his assistant.Siqueiros taught in New York in the forties , to such figures as Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner and other painters. He is responsible for introducing both Jackson and Lee to dripping,  the style of painting Pollock devloped later..

Massin was a figurative painter. When I started my art training, there was a debate in Art education as to what approach /method to  use in teaching art. Whether to use the old academic methods with emphasis on copying or to teach a more creative modern approach of exploring the creative, thru exercises and newer  methods for teaching the newer  languages of contemporary painting .