Ok, ok, it’s not like I know much about Art.  So when I put one of Gabo’s paintings in my little apartment in Querétaro (my post-25 year marriage man cave) I thought, oh how nice I have something pretty to put on the wall.  Or at least something more classy than some Mexican esquina artist painting of stereotypical Mexican street scene with the flowers in the windows and dude with a huge straw hat walking uphill in the narrow cobble street of "real" Mexico.  And maybe even something to impress the chics, you know, like “Hey, baby I have an original Sencial in my living room, want to see it?”  But I’m sort of getting the idea about this art thing.  And I’m getting the point that the less you know and assume the better.  Just open up and let the painting in.   Like, what does it feel like looking at this thing?  Where does it take me?  Does it take me different places if I sort of try to look at it differently? 
      So when Gabo lent me this abstract painting, which I liked, blue and red shapes (I had to hound Gabo to lend it to me);  it sort of grew on me.  I mean I realized what one of the benefits of a good painting is.  You get up in the morning and it acts as a sounding board for your mood.  And you look at it again, and it says something else to you and so you mind starts working in a more creative way, lead off the normal rail of early morning thinking to somewhere new. A little kick-start for the creativity needed to survive and enjoy your day.   
Dr. Robert W. Jones
Facultad de Ciencias Naturales
Avenida de las Ciencias s/n
Juriquilla, Querétaro