domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012


I began this series of small abstract  paintings while teaching at the MAQ Museo de Arte in Queretaro, Mexico.
 I started a collection of different size cards announcing  art openings  from all the different cultural centers, museums and art galleries, both in Queretaro and San Miguel Allende area. I accumulated hundreds over a five year period and they were every where around my studio
tables and I began using them as palettes where I would mix colors when painting.
After a while amazing interesting and provocative images  from accidents, drips, smears, brush strokes,collage ,mono printing and color transfers...that began to interest me tremendously. I saw a great potential and venue  for me  to move away from my minimalist work to a more spontaneous and improvisational approach.

At this point they are Untitled pieces  and I think I will Not title them. I want the viewer to finish the piece to interact and be more involved with the image ,rather than have  a title that in many cases has nothing to do with the work. Titles are very arbitrary. As I find many people spend their time looking for the preconceived wording in titles in the paintings  instead of seeing ,feeling and allowing their subconscious to get involved in the deeper meaning of a work.


 A Major issue in todays faster and faster moving world, is how to get your name out there for people to begin to 

take notice of you and be able to sell  your art  work.

 GYST - has lots of free resources as well as a book for artists called "Gettng Your Sh*t Together" which has all the info that our website has for free in case you like to read in bed. Here are some links to resources that should answer 
some of your questions.



The Web for Artists:

Selling Your Work:

This should get you started. Also, check out GYST Radio


There are  many Great Resources out there on the WEB, its mind boggling not to say darn frustrating and so time consuming.

Many of us are at a loss and  lost, even when once upon  a time we had a semblance of  having it together and  making a

 living from our art work , not now with the zillion of proliferating  blogs, websites, and  you name it. that are going up by the 

thousands everyday.

  The overwhelming innundation of images of peoples  art  on the web, have created such an over abundance and  saturation

 of very mediochre level art being passed as such, when in effect its the contrary,and detracting rather than  helping, more 

over   confusing the public which in most cases is ignoramus of what constitutes a decent art piece from the next. 

Not all art  is or was Created Equal....

Another  problem is, the myriad of  images on the WEB, any one with a computer and a printer can down load an image

print it and he/she  now has an image that attracted his/hers attention and in  most cases  the artist work will 

not be bought.

 Even poor resolution imges are enough for those who liked it,and   for what ever reasons they down loaded it  and printed it, which is what a  majority of people  around the planet are doing . Pirating is live and thriving as we speak

There are many issues, unresolved prolblems and  questions and I  thank the internet we have these  venues to Voice our

  opinions and views on the pessing needs to survive  in today's more than ever  cut throat wold at large.

I would like your views and opinions on what you think we should be doing or not doing to help solve and have a better 

understanding of where we are  heading .

Thank you.