lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012


The theme for this piece, Planets in Motion, stems from my life long concern and interest in the origins and mysteries  of  the Universe, its  billions of galaxies,stars, planets, we evolved from apes....

I like titles and I don't for several reasons, the main one is, abstract work for most people is hard to understand,  so people tend to  look for things, ....  for hidden meanings, as if it were a puzzle or  something to solve or to figure out. Abstraction is not narrative like  literature, its poetic and  abstract painting is more like its sister in the arts, Music, which is concerned more with feeligs and emotions,being spontaneous and direct.
Real abstraction is an event. In  the world of creativity  every moment is different as it ,changes  and does not repeat itself.

My geometric paintings are a valuable learning source, my way to study, experience the basic creative process, and  where I practice design, composition, color, and you name it that goes into my paintings, all the elements. Theese pieces are the  laboratory where I do valuable  experiments that later help my improvisations.


 In ancient cultures around the planet geometry was reveered and some considered it sacred. 



 I am documenting some stages this painting has been through.

Repetition is an interesting concept, I use it in my work to reenforce shapes and to create 
patterns, movement and  rhythm. The source comes from free form improvisation inspired by jazz.
I like geometry because I like structure, as the foundation of certain genres  of mimimalist  painting, and  other disciplines like, architecture, ingeneering  and some of the  the sciences, and
 much like what happens in a bridge, by repetition of form strenth is created.
Asymetry, is another concept I incorporate in my geomertrical pieces giving  them a dynamism and   tension I find interesting.