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What Is Consciousness?
The problem now is our consciousness. Our consciousness, which means the way you think, the way you live, the way you believe, the way you react, your behavior, your thinking, all that is your consciousness, which is your life. That consciousness is you. Please, this is really important to understand, give your attention for a few minutes.
The whole of that consciousness is essentially you. The content of that consciousness makes consciousness. The content of consciousness of a Protestant is what he believes, his rituals, his images of religion, Jesus and all that, and his nationalism, his particular attitudes, opinions, his relationship with another, his hurts, his anxiety, his sorrow. And the Catholic with his content of his consciousness, and the Hindu with his, and the Buddhist and so on, the Arabs and the Jews. You follow all this? Consciousness is put together by its content. And as long as that content remains, the conflict must go on.
This content has been put together through time; it isn't one day's acquirement. Our brain is the result of time, evolution. Our brain is not your brain and my brain, but the brain of mankind. This is difficult for you to see, and even recognize, because we have been so conditioned that it is my brain. And it is your brain. But if you observe, human beings right throughout the world go through enormous turmoil, poverty, anxiety, insecurity, confusion, fear of being hurt, physically, fear of psychological hurts, fear of death, and the enquiry: what is there beyond.
That is the content of our consciousness. And as long as there's that content, which is always divisive, which is always fragmented, our action must be fragmented.
So the problem then is: is it possible for the content of that consciousness to be dissolved?
J. Krishnamurti
Ojai, 2nd Public Talk, 1980

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